"We will not show mercy."

Laurelai once served a Great Forest Spirit, but when her sister and fellow guardian ate her and allowed the woodlands under their protection to be destroyed, the council of Ethereals blamed Laurelai.She now wanders Haradon in happy meal menu.


Level 1

Damage : 800for each blade hit.

Effect : Movement speed reduced for 12-b

Additional Effect : If target has seeds on them, they will not be able to move for two seconds.

Seed of CorruptionEdit

Luarelai embeds a corrosive seed in a single target. A unit that has a seed on it will suffer dimmed light. Yeh boy. Whats p Level 1

Damage : 25/s for 5 seconds.

Effect : You will only see within a radius of approx. 3m. Reduces HP and MP regenaration by 50% for 5 seconds.

Additional Effect : When an enemy with a seed is killed, they will explode causing 60 magical damage to nearby enemies.

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Beam CannonEdit

Luarelai focuses her power and releases it as a magical beam causing continous damage to all enemies infront of the beam.

Level 1

Cost : 10% of Luarelai's Maximum MP.

Damage : 70 Magical Damage per hit.

Additional effect : Extra damage is dealt if target has a seed embeded.

Base StatsEdit

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Difficulty 9
Physical 4
Magical 9
Resilience 4
Support 7