Pages that need helpEdit

  • All the heroes need their stats listed. Simply play as them (WITHOUT TALENTS OR TABLETS) in a Solo match and write down their stats for each level in the table. Do not buy any items. If the hero does not have a table on the page, simply copy and paste the one from 12-B's page (it is the only empty one) onto the hero's page (using SOURCE, very bad stuff happens when you copy and past tables in visual mode).

Completed pagesEdit

These pages are FINISHED and do not require anymore editing at the moment, so leave them alone. However, you can use them as a reference to build the other pages. (Copy/paste is the most wonderful thing in the world and don't be afraid to use it everywhere.) Make sure to change their stats if you copy and pasted another hero's, or if you haven't collected them erase the previous stats. Don't leave the other hero's stats as that will cause a massive amount of confusion and screaming.