Goroshia, a demon, who was being drove out by alchemists, still doesn't lose his power! Why?

His power was, strong and fearing. His hurricane (which in lvl 1, it deals 140 damage to the enemy when hit and splashed out) was quite overpowered. Pillars of flame, also deals 30 damage per second, which also reaches 100+ damage. And this is other freaking one: The demonic lineage. This passive skill amplifies Goroshia's magic attack by 20%. And, this is the most one, the burning shackle. This ultimate skill, stuns enemies nearby by 2 secs. It's the time to combo the player with Hurricane and Pillars of Flame. Burning shackle is quite disappointing that needs wait for some milliseconds to release burning shackle, making the enemy more possible to escape. Mostly use when backstabbing (attacking enemy without caution, as attacking its back).

Also, the bonus damage (well, in the skill there is (skill damage)+(bonus damage). I don't know what is bonus damage will obtain, but it's large when u progress. Sometimes, I went up to, in hurricane splash damage, 250 + 300 (I dont know what could be obtain for bonus damage, but I guess due to my setup which bears both high hp and magic damage).

By the way, I have a poll so if players agreed or not, if Goroshia is overpowered...

Overpowered or Not?

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